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About Us

Atlantik Group is an international group of companies incorporating various assets created with an aim to realize large scale international projects in animal and poultry farming.

Atlantik Group comprises the following companies: "Agrovet Atlantik", "FeedLance", "Technoproject", "BudAlyans", "Farmer Atlantik", "Agro Business Consult".



To create highly effective agricultural enterprises and ensure their high profitability within the entire lifecycle.



Relying on our decades-long experience, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technologies provide our clients with in-demand products, professional services and assistance in realizations of their most ambitious projects.

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  • Our History


    AgroVet Atlantik  is founded in Ukraine. The company renders all-inclusive services for animal and poultry farming: feeding, veterinary care, genetics, technological consulting.   

    Launch of 2 concentrate feed plants. 


    Establishment of AgroVet Atlantik Group of Companies


    Expansion of distribution network, launch of representative offices throughout Ukraine. Client base comprises over 1000 households. 

    AgroVet Atlantik starts supplies of its products to CIS market. 


    Starts cooperation with worlds’ largest companies – Alltech, Volac, Exafan.

    Launch of joint venture with CCPA Group and “Nutristar International S.A.” – foundation of Feedlance: production of premixes and vitamin additives.

    The company enters a new, more large-scale and higher quality level.


    Acquisition of controlling stock in Feedlance.

    Acquisition of Farmer Atlantik – producer of cage and floor equipment for industrial poultry farming since 1926.

    Foundation of Atlantik Group for effective management of assets and realization of international projects.  

    Foundation of International Design and Construction Group (IDCG) in cooperation with Ukrainian reputed design bureau “Technoproject” and largest construction company “BudAlyans” for realization of “turn-key” projects.

    Start of design and construction of animal and poultry farming objects outside Ukraine. 


    Acquisition of consulting company AgroBusiness Consult (ABC) specializing in consulting services and management of animal and poultry farming businesses since 2008. 


    Receiving a grant from the government of the Netherlands for construction of a concentrate feed plant in Uganda.

    Foundation of Ukrainian-Ugandan enterprise  JV ImpalaFeeds.

    Start of supply of equipment ad premixes to India, Oman, Iraq and Jordan.


    In Sultanate of Oman experts of The College of Poultry Management conduct trainings of local poultry experts. 

    The Alltech 30th International Symposium


    Top managers of Atlantik Group will visit The Alltech 30th International Symposium which is to be help in Lexington, Kentucky on May 18 – 21, 2014.


    This year’s milestone event will be held under “What If” slogan and will focus on issues that are between science and magic:


     - What if... climate change is providing a breeding ground for new and dangerous microbial pathogens?

     - What if... we empowered our universities such that they become idea centers?

     - What if... MBA programs focused more on selling than strategy?

     - What if... we rewarded people for generating jobs for new graduates?

     - What if... you could automatically get angel funding up to a certain level?

     - What if... there was a clearing house for new ideas?

     - What if... areas such as Eastern Kentucky could be helped to use their natural resources and convert them into businesses?

     - What if... we created a fish business that could rival the poultry industry?




    Press Lunch

    On March 28, 2014, Atlantik Group of companies has held a press-lunch dedicated to attracting international investment to Ukrainian animal farming.


    During the press lunch, Business Development director of Atlantik Group of companies Irina Palamar has shared the results of her communication with potential investors at the international conference “Ukrainian Grain  - to the world!” in Hong Kong and during her business visit to the Sultanate of Oman with the representatives of Ukrainian media. She has also informed the journalists on the immediate prospects in the development of the Ukrainian animal farming.


    The meeting took place in informal friendly atmosphere and exquisite interior of “Eshak” restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine, and received wide coverage in Ukrainian agricultural and business media.


    Working visit to Oman

    On March 22 – 27th 2014, top-managers of The Atlantik Group visited Oman with a working visit. The main aim of the visit was to discuss strategic directions of cooperation between Ukraine and Oman.


    Within the framework of the visit Irina Palamar, Strategic Planning and Business Development Director of the Atlantik Group, met Dr Hamed Said Al-Oufi, Undersecretary of Fisheries Wealth of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth of the Sultanate of Oman, and representatives of investment funds and local agricultural businesses.



    "Ukrainian Grain - To The World!" Conference, Hong Kong

    On March 4th Head of strategic planning and business development department of Atlantik Group Iryna Palamar delivered a report on investment potential of animal farming projects in Ukraine at first international conference “Ukrainian Grain - to the World!”, which took place in Hong Kong on March 2-4th.

    The purpose of the report is to attract international investments to the development of animal farming complexes in Ukraine.

    More than 250 representatives of agricultural and financial business of Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and a number of other countries took part in the conference.

    The event was aimed at enhancing the development of business relations between the agrarian market players, attracting investments to Ukrainian agrarian sector, strengthening partnerships and cultural ties between Ukrainian and international manufacturers, broadening the possibilities to implement contemporary technologies and sharing the experience of their application, exploring new markets and ensuring Ukraine`s leading position on worldwide agrarian scene. 

    Leading Ukrainian grain market players as well as grain processing, oil and tissue fat prodiction, sugar production and animal farming companies took part in the event. 

    The conference was supported by Ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs and agrarian policy.



    On February 11-13th Atlantik Group took part in Agro Animal Show-2014, a major agrarian trade event that took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company`s eхhibition stand attracted the attention of visitors, media and potential clients.

    The Atlantik Group poultry, pig and cattle farming experts told visitors about new products, developments and consulting services of the company. The company`s European partners from EXAFAN (Spain), CCPA Group (France) shared innovative experience in poultry and swine farming with Ukrainian farmers. 

    During the exhibition, two seminars of Atlantik Group Technical directors in cattle and swine farming, Peter van Dooren (Netherlands) and Laurent Roger (France) attended by over 50 Ukrainian farmers, took place. Also, in the course of Agro Animal Show 2014, the company held a press-conference on transformation in agrarian business, which received wide coverage in specialized and business media.

    We want to thank everyone who helped organize and provide the company`s presence at Agro Animal Show-2014! With your help, the company successfully presented integrated solutions in animal farming. Also, we want to thank everyone who visited our exhibition stand for our meaningful communication, and unforgettable impressions of the event!



    ATLANTIK GROUP is taking part in a major animal farming trade show in Ukraine – Agro Animal Show, which is to take place in Kiev on Feburary 11 – 13th. 

    We welcome everybody to join and visit our stall in exhibition hall #2. For your consideration – seminars, master classes by our leading experts, meetings, discussions and many other happenings. See you soon!


    The College of Poultry Management in Oman

    Experts of The Atlantik Group visit Oman to negotiate the schedule of trainings for local poultry specialists for 2014.




    Poultry India 2013

    The Atlantik Group takes part in a main poultry industry event of the year - Poultry India 2013.


    Design and constructions

    To run large-scale agricultural projects outside Ukraine Atlantik Group, in a consortium with design bureau “Technoproject” and construction company “BudAlyans”, has created International Design and Construction Group (IDCG).


    Main task of IDCG is design and constructions of “turn-key” projects of various scale and complexity all over the world.


    Scientific and production enterprise “Technoproject” is a leading design bureau, operating in the market of Ukraine since 1996, develops projects of various scale and complexity of production sites and facilities, agro industrial complexes, civil buildings, energy objects, engineering structures and facilities.


    Construction company “BudAlyans” is one the largest in Ukraine, operating since 2002 in the market of capital construction and reconstruction of civil, industrial and agricultural objects.




    Production company «Farmer Atlantik» has a rich history and a wealth of experience in poultry cage production. Founded in 1926 as an agro-industrial technology factory, half a century on, in early 1970s, the company concentrated exclusively on agricultural machinery production. In 1978 it launched its first set of cage equipment for laying hens. As of today, for the 35 years of operation, we have produced and supplied over 7000 sets of cage equipment to CIS and other countries.

    Our team of highly qualified engineers and technical specialists continuously works to improve design, technical characteristics, quality and reliability of equipment. For our production we use top quality zinc plated steel and components of own make and of leading European manufacturers. This is why our slogan is “Real Steel”. And we mean it. The prime advantage of our cage equipment is practicality and durability. And numerous sets of our equipment installed throughout CIS countries decades ago truly prove this.



    The main point that sets off Atlantik Group from its competitors is its readiness to organize the management of the projects it has completed. In fact, this makes Atlantik Group the only one of its kind.

    There are few developers that would assume the responsibility for the management of created objects. We do it with ease as we guarantee exceptional quality of our work at all stages – from development of business plan to realization of final products.


    By assuming the project management, Atlantik Group proposes three models of cooperation:

    • START UP
    • Assistant Business Development (ABD)
    • Full Business Development (FBD)



    The participation of the ATLANTIK GROUP under this kind of cooperation will last 6-12 months. The developer will provide the company with high qualification instructors (10-12 persons) to assist in streamlining the production processes and training the personnel. 



    Cooperation under the Assistant Business Development formula normally lasts from 3 to 5 years. In this case several key positions will be occupied by ATLANTIC GROUP experts. Thus a supervised company would not only get the initial impulse for its development, it would also get managerial personnel responsible for the business development in perspective. 



    FULL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT presumes still more active participation in the operation of the company it has created. That is, the developer would assume the responsibility not only for the START and further effective project management, but for the SALE of the products as well. Thus the ATLANTIK GROUP would act as a partner of the investor.  




    In poultry and animal farming a passport to success is feeding.


    Atlantik Group, originating from a feed production company, has a long and successful history in feed production and rations formulation. Excellent quality and high effectiveness of our feed can be proven by our numerous clients from all over the world, who for years have been entrusting their livestock with us.


    What we offer to our clients is the right balance in feeding that allows to reveal the genetic potential of birds and to get the maximum profit. Experts of Atlantik Group have developed holistic feeding programs for poultry farms, both for broilers and laying hens.


    Our feeding programs for broilers help to ensure maximization of daily average weight gain within the whole growing cycle and minimization of losses of birds and production costs.


    Feeding programs for laying hens help to increase laying ability of hens, improve food conversion ratio, increase livestock preservation, avoid virulent diseases connected with metabolism disorders.